There is always Hope.

Barack Obama’s ‘Audacity of Hope’ highlighted just how powerful hope is. Even when there is no faith, or glimmer of certainty, as a human – one is bound to have hope in some measure by some force.

Even the most pessimistic person would have some thoughts towards a different outcome, or even circumstance. We’re built to adapt and made to sum up the courage against all forms of bullying, hate speech or even beatings. Its just that not all of us have the will power to take up that courage, not all of us can sustain the barrage of painful words hurled at us, not all of us can risk the possibility of being subject to violence.

Hope is the safe space that provides some form of belonging. It is the space that ensures there’s a reason to think something on this earth can change. There is a force that moves beyond the times or even nations to settle amongst the minds of people that go through similar challenges, be it hate crimes, limitations of civil liberties or other forms of oppression.

It is hope that pulls together love, experiences and forms a new history. Hope. Hope. Hope. Is all I have and may it light up the darkness.

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