Death Knows No Boundaries

Death knows no boundaries,

Creeping in unexpected.

It knows no kindness to the heart.

Affects all, even those unknown.

Striking a chord as if the devil himself commissioned.


Death knows no boundaries.

Striking the needy, helpless and lost.

Even the brave, the surprised and the good.


Too painful a thought, to tortured a soul.


Death knows no boundaries.

The worst is for one in redemption.

One who did much good – in atonement or not.

Sadly it must come – with no warning.


Intruding the joy, the parameters of memory.

Death knows no boundaries.

For even the living have to experience it too many a times.

One is never to too old, One is never too healthy.


Is there even a time to mourn that’s sufficient?

A time given for those to say their goodbyes?

Would God be so cruel as to take one away too soon?

Not even the chance of a farewell?

Or is it that you shall see each other again that its not necessary?


Death Knows No Damn Boundaries.

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